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AECT Divisional Membership

AECT 's Divisions represent the breadth and depth of the field. Members may join the Divisions that best suit their interests.

AECT Divisions

Design & Development
Promotes the quality and effectiveness of teaching and learning through the acquisition and application of knowledge, skills, and dispositions to design conditions for learning, develop instructional materials and experiences and evaluate the adequacy of instruction and learning.
Distance Learning
Represents members with interests in the full range of distance learning technologies as a means of addressing the educational needs of students, the educational community, and the general public.
Graduate Student Assembly
The Graduate Student Assembly (GSA) has a social networking site full of interesting people, networking opportunities and news about the conference. The goal is to provide a way for students to gradually become better acquainted with the opportunities provided by AECT and help them take advantage of these. Come and visit with us!
The International Division of the Association for Educational Communication and Technology (AECT) facilitates communication among educational technology professionals and students worldwide. The International Division promotes interactions that transcend international boundaries and cultural lines by mentoring and fostering educational endeavors, and coordinating communication with sister associations around the world. The International Division offers members opportunities for presentations and provides a hospitality area for all AECT conference attendees. The International Division administers several awards, including the Robert deKieffer International Fellowship award from the AECT Foundation.
Multimedia Production

CALL FOR PARTICIPATION: 2011 Immersive Learning Award

Download the flyer and get details here.

With the advance of multimedia production in a wide variety of areas, the Division of Multimedia Production would provide a way to network individuals engaged in multimedia production in both national and international settings. At annual meetings, the division would develop a program that shares the latest tools in multimedia production, increase awareness of developmental tools for multimedia production and provide a collaborative environment for multimedia producers to establish a connection with technology and communication specialists that are not currently served. Through our collaborative effort it is our ultimate purpose to participate in the international dialogue that defines standardization and acceptable best practices of multimedia in the educational and communication process.

Multimedia Production Division at AECT Welcome to LinkedIn. Please click to visit the LinkedIn website. Association for Educational Communications and Technology - AECT

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New things are happening at the MPD!

Research & Theory
Promotes the development and advancement of theory; promotes, presents, and disseminates research and scholarship that encompasses multiple perspectives; advocates the study of social and cultural issues in the field; supports, fosters, and mentors emerging scholars.

School Media & Technology

The Division of School Media and Technology provides leadership in educational communications and technology by linking professionals holding a common interest in the use of educational technology and its application to the learning process in the K-12 school environment.

Systemic Change
Advocates fundamental changes in educational settings to dramatically improve the quality of education and to enable technology to achieve its potential.
Teacher Education
Promotes theory, research, and practice in support of the development of knowledge, skills, and dispositions of educators who create effective learning environments for diverse learners through the integration of technology.
Training & Performance
Supports human and organizational performance through the development and implementation of learning environments that utilize integrated technology.

Note to Division Officers:
The Division Officers Handbook is available to assist in your planning. Click Here to download the Handbook. (PDF file or Word document)

Word template for divisional reports ( or DIVISION.doc).

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Divisional Reports for 2010

Spring 2010:
• Design and Development 
• Distance Learning 
• Divsion for Systemic Change 
• International Division 
• Multimedia Production 
• Research & Theory 
• School Media & Technology 
• Training & Performance 

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