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Past Presidents of AECT
Harry B. Wilson (deceased) 1923-24 W.M. Gregory (deceased) 1924-25 Ernest L. Crandall (deceased) 1925-26
A.G. Balcom (deceased) 1926-27 Anna V. Dorris (deceased) 1927-29 John A. Hollinger (deceased) 1929-30
W.W. Whittinghill (deceased) 1930-31 F. Dean McClusky (deceased) 1931-32 Charles F. Hoban, Sr. (deceased) 1932-34
Grace F. Ramsey (deceased) 1934-35 Wiber Emmert (deceased) 1935-36 Nelson L. Greene (deceased) 1936-37
Edgar Dale (deceased) 1937-38 Rupert Peters (deceased) 1938-39 Rita Hochheimer (deceased) 1939-40
J.E. Hansen (deceased) 1940-41 Paul C. Reed (deceased) 1941-42 W. Gayle Starnes (deceased) 1942-43
Boyd B. Rakerstraw (deceased) 1943-44 Camilla Best (deceased) 1944-45 Boyd B. Rakerstraw (deceased) 1945-46
Walter A. Wittich 1946-47 Stephen M. Corey (deceased) 1947-48 F. Dean McClusky (deceased) 1948-50
Francis W. Noel (deceased) 1950-51 James W. Brown (deceased) 1951-53 Paul W. F. Witt 1953-54
Lee W. Cochran (deceased) 1954-55 Walter A. Wittich 1955-56 L. C. Larson (deceased) 1956-57
Robert E. deKieffer (deceased) 1957-58 Charles F. Schuller (deceased) 1958-59 Walter S. Bell (deceased) 1959-60
James D. Finn (deceased) 1960-61 Charles F. Hoban, Jr. Honorary Ernest Tiemann 1961-62
Clyde K. Miller (deceased) 1962-63 William H. Allen 1963-64 Mendel Sherman 1964-65
Donald P. Ely 1965-66 Kenneth Norberg 1966-67 Wesley C. Meierhenry (deceased) 1967-68
John P. Vergis (deceased) 1968-69 Lee E. Campion 1969-70 Robert C. Gerletti 1970-71
Robert Heinich 1971-72 Jerold E. Kemp 1972-73 Robert Jarecke 1973-74
Gerald Torkelson (deceased) 1974-75 Harold Hill 1975-76 Richard Gilkey 1976-77
William Grady 1977-78 Marie McMahan 1978-79 Carolyn (Skidmore) Arrington 1979-80
Wesley McJulien (deceased) 1980-81 Rolland Billings 1981-82 Elwood Miller (deceased) 1982-83
Paul Welliver 1983-84 Francis Dwyer 1984-85 Robert Hale 1985-86
Robert Hale/Elaine Didier 1986-87 Elaine Didier 1987-88 Don Smellie 1988-89
Robert Holloway 1989-90 Lucy Ainsley 1990-91 Roger N. Tipling 1991-92
Larry Kitchens 1992-93 Addie Kinsinger 1993-94 Kent Gustafson 1994-95
Lynn Milet 1995-96 Bill Burns 1996-97 Franz Fredrick 1997-98
Robert Harrell 1998-99 Kyle Peck 1999-00 Marcy Driscoll 2000-01
Charlie White 2001-02 Ed Caffarella 2002-03 Jay Harriman 2003-04
Sharon Smaldino 2004-05 T. Weston Miller 2005-06

Research Participation Request
A request for your participation in the study, 'Instructional Development Model for Mobile Learning Study', has been issued to AECT members.

Get Involved!
You can become involved with AECT and its convention on many levels. We are now accepting:
Volunteer Applications
Intern Applications
Student Mentor Applications

The Journal of Applied Instructional Design
Volume 1, Issue 1 2011
Editor: Leslie Moller, Ph.D.
Authors in this issue: Andrew Gibbons, Chung-Yuang Hsu, Richard David Moore, Douglas Tedford, MaryFriend Shepard and Ellen Wagner.

AECT – SITE Collaboration Through the National Technology Leadership Coalition
CLICK HERE to read more about this initiative.

Call for Participants
PacifiCorp Design and Development Award Competition is now accepting team and mentor assignments.
For detailed guidelines, the problem statement, and the competition timeline, please visit the competition website.

Educational Media and Technology Yearbook
Volume 35, 2010 Editors: Michael Orey, Stephanie A. Jones and Robert Maribe Branch

International Journal of Designs for Learning
Volume one issue one is available.

iTECH DIGEST: International Electronic Newsletter
The second issue of this newsletter is now available.

Call for Academic White Papers Got a Hot Topic? A Burning Issue? A philosophical musing? Air your thoughts in a White Paper directed at our field or our world.
For more information please go to :

Get Involved!
You can become involved with AECT and its convention on many levels. We are now accepting:
Volunteer Applications
Intern Applications
Student Mentor Applications

NCATE Standards: The Accreditation Committee has prepared an updated standards document to assist you in the preparation of your Program Report for submission to NCATE.

(Download DOC)

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