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ICEM Internship Program

Application:     To apply for the ICEM/AECT Internship, complete the online application form and include the contact information for one (1) sponsorship, such as your academic adviser. Make sure that your preferred sponsor has agreed to submit a letter on your behalf and is aware of the requirements prior to submitting your application. All form fields of the application must be completed. The selected intern will be sponsored by ICEM to the amount of $2,500 for a period of twelve months and will act a local “recruiter” for ICEM in the USA. This money is to be primarily used for the Intern to attend the main ICEM and AECT conferences each year. The Intern will commence duties on September 1st and will attend both the ICEM conference in Medellin, Colombia and the AECT conference in Jacksonville, Florida. The intern will then continue to 31st August the following year, thereby serving a twelve-month term in total.

Responsibility:  The Intern will carry our the following tasks:

1. Recruit at least ten new members (of any category) during his/her term;

2. Manage a two-monthly newsletter (online) recording recent achievements of (potential) members of ICEM and/or AECT;

3. Prepare, host, and organize the topics for regular (e.g., monthly) ICEM-sponsored tweet chats (this can done in coordination with the Executive Committee) #icem #emi;

4. Start and manage a grad student SIG.

Professor Hannah Gerber has kindly volunteered to act as a liaison with the Intern.

Incentives:     Upon successful implementation of the above, the intern will receive:

1. Free membership in ICEM for a period of four years from the commencement of the intern term;

2. Forty percent of any additional membership fees from members acquired after a membership value of $2,000 has been reached, e.g. if the Intern initially recruits 12 members in various categories with a total value of $2,000, then he/she will receive 40% of any further full memberships (not students or retired) acquired from then until the end of his/her term;

3. Priority reviews upon submission of an article for EMI – although this does not necessarily guarantee acceptance; Please note that all application materials must be submitted in English in order to be considered for the program. Applications containing materials in any other language will be considered incomplete, and will not be reviewed by the ICEM Internship Selection Committee.

Deadline:         Electronic submission of all application materials is required. Please upload only PDF documents. All materials, including the sponsorship letter must be received electronically not later than June 30, 2017. All applicants will be notified of the selection decision by July 31, 2017.

Submit To:       All application materials should be submitted via the AECT website. Other correspondence concerning the Leadership Internship Program can be directed to the ICEM Internship Program Coordinator, Robert Doyle, at icem-intern-chair@aect.org

CLICK HERE to submit your ICEM Internship application.

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