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2017 Early Career Symposium

AECTís Research and Theory Division will be hosting the 2017 Early Career Symposium sponsored by the National Science Foundation: Cyberlearning and Future Learning Technologies. The symposium will be held at the annual AECT International Convention on Tuesday, November 7 (full day) and Wednesday, November 8 (half day), 2017, in Jacksonville, Florida. The symposium will engage participants in a day and a half of focused career mentoring and networking.

The symposium will reimburse each participant with the following:

  • $350 for transportation
  • 2 nights at the convention hotel (at convention rates)
  • Convention registration fee ($240 for graduate students, $445 for faculty)
The intended outcomes of the Early Career Symposium include:
  • Mentoring of doctoral students into the social/professional network as partners in ideation, prototyping, idea execution, and knowledge curation;
  • Supporting early-career faculty and doctoral students in developing viable short- and long-term cyberlearning research agendas;
  • Providing specific feedback and guidance to early-career faculty and doctoral students about their research agendas (e.g. how to build a research agenda, pursue funding, and maintain successful collaborations);
  • Expanding and strengthening the cyberlearning community by creating a community of researchers committed to designing the next generation of learning technologies and increasing understanding of how people learn in technology-rich learning environments.

Pre-Symposium Activities
Prior to the conference mentees and mentors to will share information, such as affiliations, research interests, and so on. In addition, every mentee will be asked to share with the mentor (a) his/her research statement, and (b) a manuscript or grant proposal that he/she is currently working on. Mentors will review the mentees’ work and be prepared to provide specific, in-depth feedback on their work during the symposium.
Conference Site Events
The Symposium will occur over a day and a half as part of the 2017 AECT Annual Conference on November 8 and 9. On the first day the group will have two panel discussions. These panel discussions will be informal, though moderated by the Symposium Coordinator. After each panel discussion, the mentors will work with their primary team of participants (2 participants per mentor) to follow up on the themes addressed in the panel discussion and to assist mentees with developing their research agendas and/or grant proposal ideas. The next half-day will follow a similar format. The goal is to allow each participant the opportunity to benefit from all of the mentors and speakers.
Early Career Faculty Participants
Five early career faculty applicants will be selected through a competitive application process. The symposium is focused on faculty members who have received their terminal degree in the last five years. Preference will be given to those faculty members who are not at research-intensive schools as they typically have fewer opportunities for mentoring at their home institutions than faculty in research-intensive positions. 

Doctoral Graduate Students
Five advanced doctoral student applicants will be selected through a competitive application process. Preference will be given to students who are nearing completion and whose research agendas align with the focus of the Symposium: Cyberlearning and Future Learning Technologies. Although this program is geared toward doctoral students nearing completion of their degree, all graduate students are encouraged to apply.

  • Applicants must be AECT Members in good standing
  • Applicants must have not participated in a previous Early Career Symposia
  • Applicants must be current faculty (within first five years of career) or doctoral graduate students
  • Applicants will be selected based upon their strength of argument for participation. Additionally, the Review Panel seeks to accept a diverse group of scholars representing the entirety of the membership of AECT.

All applicants are due on September 2 (Friday), 2017. All materials must be submitted electronically through email to Ginger Watson at GSWatson@odu.edu. All applicants will be notified of the selection decision by September 19th (Monday), 2017.

Faculty applicants should submit: 
  • Cover letter providing a career statement as well as discussing why they would like to attend the Early Career Symposium, how they are qualified and how it would benefit their careers (letter should be limited to a single page).
  • Updated Curriculum Vita
Doctoral Graduate Student applicants should submit:
  • Cover Letter discussing career goals, including description of dissertation and progress toward completion. The cover letter should also discuss how they are qualified for the Early Career Symposium and how it would benefit their careers (letter should be limited to a single page)
  • Updated Curriculum Vita
  • Statement supporting participation from dissertation advisor (limit to one paragraph)