Plan to Make the Most Out of Your Convention Experience

Use Your Personal Planner

With over 700 individual presentations you need to have a plan to make the most out of your convention experience and using the convention planner will be great start. You may have already downloaded the PDF of program of the 2017 AECT convention, but we have a great convention planner that will work well on your computer, pad, or smart phone. This is a great way to browse or search for sessions and save sessions in your own personal that interest you. The planner can accessed at

Using the Planner

First you need to understand the three icons displayed in the header.

1.)  Clicking the menu icon will display options to browse the program in different ways.
2.)  Clicking the planner icon will display the sessions you have personally selected.
3.) Allows you to sign-in or create an account.

First, click the sign-in icon and log on to your *All Academic account. If you do not have an account, click 'create an account' link. If you don't know your name and password, click the 'forgot password?' link and enter your email address.
 * Your All Academic account is not the same as your AECT sign-in, however many have their AECT membership number as the User name and the last name as their Password.

After you have logged on, you can start creating your AECT convention planner!

Next, click the menu icon and select a browse category like 'Browse by Day'. (If you are trying to find something on specific topic, try using the Search field on the front page.)
Clicking on the planner icon next to any session of interest will add that session to your personal schedule.
Clicking the planner icon again (now with a black background) will remove it from your personal planner.

Viewing Your Personal Schedule
Once you have selected all the sessions of interest, click the planner icon on the header to view your personal schedule.

Having mulitple selections in the same hour is allowed and even recommended in case a your selected session is cancelled you will have a back up session to attend.

Make the most out of your convention experience and use your planner!

See you soon.